1.11 Agent Relationships

Lesson 1.11: Agent Relationships

Lesson time: 3min 21sec

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why it’s important to get along with agents.
  2. Simple tips to build rapport and ensure that the agent wants to work with you.
  3. Why it’s important to find the good agents in your target area.


In a previous lesson we cited the truism that agents are not your friends. And they’re not: agents have been employed by the seller and earn a commission based on how much they can get you to pay for the house. However, agents are also a critical and central part of the property buying process and if you can build a good rapport with a good agent, then they will become an enormously useful resource to you. 

Consider this: given that up to 40% of properties sell pre or off-market, the buyers that are most successful are the ones that are able to stay top of mind with local agents, to the point that they will reach out to you to notify you of the new properties entering the market. 

To stay top of mind you need to show up and communicate clearly. Clarity about what you’re looking for, and discipline and commitment to finding a property, are what matters to an agent. 

Hello Haus Simple Steps

Here are some of the simple steps that we advise Hello Haus clients on when they’re struggling to get cut through with agents:

  • Sign up to the agent’s newsletter / database.
  • Attend their open houses, be nice, and smile. It might sound simple, but agents are people and will always prefer to work with buyers that they like if they can.
  • Clearly communicate to the agent any questions that you might have, and make it clear that you know what you want and are comfortable having a conversation with them.
  • Make sure you answer their calls, respond quickly to emails, turn up on time and follow through on what you're asked to do.
  • Give detailed and honest feedback post the inspection when the agent contacts you, even if the property isn't of interest to you. That information is of interest to them in selling the house and will help them to understand your priorities the next time they have a house to show you.

Basically, all an agent wants is an enthusiastic and genuine buyer. Someone who is prepared and interested in signing the contract for the right house and who knows what they want (and will therefore be easier to deal with than someone “umming” and “ahhhing” about each house they look at).

Providing the right information and having a good relationship with the agent will give you a two-fold benefit:

  1. The agent will actively keep you in mind and fine tune their understanding of what kind of property you’re looking for. When they see a property that meets your criteria, you will be the first they contact. 
  2. The agent will be more inclined to treat you fairly. For one thing, the more knowledgeable, confident, and aware you seem, the more they’re going to assume that you know what any given property should be worth. They’ll also see you as a smooth pathway to a sale, rather than a hindrance, and so they’ll put you forward to their sellers over someone that’s being a pain.

The importance of being able to build good rapport with an agent is why we always help our customers learn how to search for the top agents in their area at Hello Haus. Top agents are themselves more personable and more interested in working positively with buyers, making this rapport-building process smoother and quicker. 

Key Reminders

People deal with people they like and whom they can obtain value from. This is how we like to position ourselves at Hello Haus, as negotiators who understand the sales agents emotional and financial drivers in order to make the sales process seamless for all involved, whilst obtaining the best outcome for our clients. Remember, keep in mind what sales agents like about a purchaser and use the 25+ years of property knowledge and experience in this course to your advantage. 

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