5.1 Congratulations!

Congratulations, you are Buyer Ready!

You have successfully completed the Get Buyer Ready course. It’s fair to say at this point, you should have a much better understanding of the buying process beyond that of an average buyer who has not completed this course.

Education alone is not a substitute for expertise developed overtime doing thousands of negotiations which is what all buyers come up against trying to out-negotiate the selling agent. On every property deal the buyer has a one-to-one relationship with the agent who is usually dealing one-to-many buyers, playing everyone off against each other.

The statistics in Australia suggest that most property buyers are stressed, overwhelmed and either miss or overpay and nothing has changed to give buyers a fair go in over fifty years. To the contrary, significant changes in the past decades have been implemented by agents to develop their sales and negotiating skills to optimise their performance.

So now that you are educated you know there is a smarter way. If you have expert representation on your side, you will save Money, Time and the heartache of missing your dream property.

If you haven’t already done so to this point or you’d like to speak with us again, book a complimentary call below so we can develop a winning strategy for your next property purchase.

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