1.0 Introduction

Hello and welcome to this course, 'Get Buyer Ready', by Hello Haus which is the first of its kind in Australia. My name is Scott Aggett, the Founder and expert negotiator of Hello Haus.

In less than three hours, you’ll get the most relevant training and strategies from me, a 25 year veteran in Real Estate and regarded as an authority on property negotiation in Australia.


Together with my team, we have cut out the fluff and hype and will teach you how to, Find, Analyse, Negotiate and Transact your dream home or investment, so you have a fundamental understanding of what is about to happen to you, once you come up against the selling agent, when the agent games begin.

We are not being derogatory here, the fact is, the selling agent is paid to extract an emotional premium out of you, so your interests and theirs are NOT aligned.  Being 'buyer ready' is a term you'll hear a lot of from Hello Haus, because unless you are “buyer ready”, without doubt you will become an industry statistic in a negative way by missing out on your ideal property or overpaying.

This course is aimed at helping you, the buyer, WIN.  It's not a negative take on the real estate industry or the selling agents' strategic behaviour - the fact is, they represent the seller, NOT you, and they get paid for extracting an emotional premium from you so that's why we say, 'they are not your friend' despite how friendly they may seem.

Don't you think it's a little odd that in Australia when you are making life's largest purchase in property, less than 3% of buyers have any level of expert representation on their side versus over 50% in the USA.  There is a much smarter way to buy property today and it starts by getting 'buyer ready' and continues by having the experts at Hello Haus on your side.

Over the course of these lessons, we will help guide you towards securing your dream home or investment property, at the lowest price and best terms, with strategies that cover everything from finding, analysing, negotiating and transacting property to dealing with selling agents to have more control of the buying process.

We find that even when buyers decide not to go it alone and choose to engage Hello Haus to analyse, negotiate and transact for them, the high value knowledge from the “buyer ready” course further enhances their success of buying their dream property.  It will move you from being an average buyer to an educated astute buyer.

What to do next ...

  1. Book a complimentary Strategy Call and speak with our property experts about your next property purchase > book here
  2. Join our Buyer Ready Facebook Group for tips and live training weekly from our analysts and negotiation team.  You don’t want to miss our 'Negotiate to Win' training calls that do address all your common questions > follow here
  3. Work through this course carefully in the order they are laid out first.  From Find to Analyse, to Negotiate then Transact.  When you have completed the course in that order you can then go back and review individual lessons.

Just remember, you do not have to go it alone making life's largest purchase.

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